We help you to grow your company!

Mail Marketing

With the right email marketing, you can not only acquire new customers but also engage and retain your existing customers. According to your preferences, we generate campaigns and emails to nurture your customer base.

Mobile Marketing

We advertise your brand across various channels to provide you with a wide reach among mobile users. 

SEM & SEO Marketing

Make your website visible! A good SEO strategy ensures that you rank first in search results. We take care of the work for you and ensure that you are quickly and easily found.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms offer tremendous potential to target your message precisely to your target audience. We help you in creating and running the right advertisements.

Web design

A well-designed website helps you keep your customers engaged and enthusiastic about your company. We would be happy to create a website according to your specifications.

How we work

Surely, you may wonder how working with us unfolds and what you can expect. In general, working with us is hassle-free for you. We work behind the scenes and require very little of your precious time. However, we are always available for you in case you have questions or suggestions.

Free initial consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.


If you have decided to choose us, we will proceed with drafting a contract with you.

Our team starts

Our highly qualified team begins to turn your desires into reality.


After our preparation, we will launch your advertising campaign.

We work in collaboration with our highly skilled team in Asia. By outsourcing technical tasks, we are able to offer you more competitive prices. At the same time, we ensure the highest quality and control. We thoroughly review and supervise every activity before its release, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome at fair prices!


We increase the
reach of your brand


We are dedicated to showcasing your brand to the world! Qualitative, measurable, and targeted marketing strategies are essential to us. Moreover, we are always here for you should you have any questions or new requirements!

With us by your side, you can focus on the important things in life! We are here for you and happy to help! Tailored qualitative successes that are transparent and aligned with your needs!
Tim Teipel, Gründer von Hanseatic Marketing Solutions
Tim Teipel
CEO, Core Creative