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Welcome to Hanseatic Marketing Solutions! We are specialized to help you improve your online presence. We help you to implement succesfull SEO, SEM, Mobile-, Social-Media-, or Mail-Marketing campaigns. Your partner for Online Marketing!

SEM & SEO Marketing

Most searches on the internet are made through Google, which dominates the market with over 87%. On average, users spend only one minute here during their search. Therefore, an effective SEM and SEO strategy is indispensable. These will help you rank first in the search results and thereby achieve significant increases in visitors to your website. We will develop a successful strategy for you and put it into action in a measurable way!
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We provide you with a comprehensive solution for your needs. This means that you explain your goal to us, and we will implement it for you. You won't have any further work, allowing you to focus on your daily routine!

Social Media

Social media is playing an increasingly vital role in marketing. The reach can be precisely tailored to meet specific needs, eliminating unnecessary investments. This allows us to allocate your marketing budget in a targeted manner!


High visibility on search engines like Google is essential. This guarantees a certain website traffic and simultaneously increases brand awareness. Additionally, it gives you a competitive advantage over lower-ranked companies!


Mobile marketing can be a valuable addition to your marketing campaign! Advertising through pop-ups in apps, etc. ensures user awareness. The right strategy can yield measurable results.


Email marketing still holds significant importance in today's marketing landscape. A targeted strategy ensures success not only in customer acquisition but also in customer retention. This is particularly important as acquiring new customers is more costly than maintaining long-term customer relationships.

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We are dedicated to showcasing your brand to the world! Qualitative, measurable, and targeted marketing strategies are essential to us. Moreover, we are always here for you should you have any questions or new requirements!

With us by your side, you can focus on the important things in life! We are here for you and happy to help! Tailored qualitative successes that are transparent and aligned with your needs!
Tim Teipel, Gründer von Hanseatic Marketing Solutions
Tim Teipel
CEO, Core Creative